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Clare Campbell, Director of Prickly Thistle Scotland

Tartan Travels to London....

Only just a few weeks I ago I first heard of the Scottish Business Network, it was the very lovely Christine Esson who dropped me a "hello" email and within a matter of hours I was booked to fly to London.  I think that just demonstrates how good an offer it was for me and my start-up company to not refuse.

At its core the Scottish Business Network is about connecting start-up companies based in Scotland with the global launch pad that is London. With its unique offering being the highly experienced and successful Scottish diaspora members who all have a real passion to support those with global scale on the agenda. For start-up companies like me it is so very important that these groups exist. In particular being a Highlands based company we have a fair bit of hills, lochs and fields to cross before we meet the first sheep never mind an influential CEO of a global organisation who might just like the idea of your crazy vision. So hence why I jumped at this opportunity to be welcomed to the fold.

It was 6pm at the rather swanky Aberdeen Asset Management offices at Bow Bells House and the room was full of Scots, the nerves kicked in....  The evening started with a very warm welcome from Russell Dalgleish and I must say I was thoroughly impressed to see so many members of varying backgrounds given this organisation has only just started, as Russell and Christine explained, this is their "baby" and they are the gushing parents.  

The first presentation was by Norman Jackson, a Director of the London Scottish Football Club, who shared a little about the success of this great club since 1987.  The Scottish sense of humour shone through when another member spotted the mention of a valued partner, "The Club's Official Biscuit - Tunnocks".

It was then the turn of the two Scottish start-ups, Jude Schweppe of Pilotfish, followed by myself for Prickly Thistle, our turn to share our stories, focusing on the gap as we see it for our start-ups, our ambition and our ask(s) (I had plenty....).  The feedback and support from everyone on the evening was absolutely well worth with trek all the way from the Highlands, in fact invaluable.  I left that evening to get my train back to Luton full of excitement and a list of actions that I could not get on my to do list quick enough.  

It has only been a few days since the event, and I have my first meeting with my new "pal" organised for Tuesday.  So with the highest recommendations, I encourage all Scottish based start-up's looking for that London based connection to fuel your global ambition please get in touch with these guys.  

Genuine passion to secure the future of the next Great Scots!  

Thank you all so very much for having me and I look forward to coming back down from the Highlands with my truck of tartan the next time....

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