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Christie Doran, Scottish Racing Champion

Racing Down to Scottish Business Network

What an evening at the Scottish Business Network event at Bristows law firm in London. Great speakers and a lot of very successful business people who want the best for Scotland. I was not sure what to expect but I loved the opportunity to tell my racing story. I was delighted with the reaction – the Scottish Business Network is there to support and help. 

I had lots of people wanting to talk to me afterwards and they all said they knew someone who might join our motorsport journey. Some may pay off, some may not but I feel like I have made friends as well as contacts. I hope they now follow my results in the Britcar Endurance Championship. I know we will keep in touch and that is the power of the Scottish Business Network. 

Working for Scotland. Definitely working for me

Christie also does a diary in The Sun Newspaper where she wrote about her experience speaking to the Scottish Business Network members. 

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