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Christian Arno, CEO of Lingo24

So simple, so effective, and so downright enjoyable.

That, in a nutshell, is how I’d describe my experience with Scottish Business Network. Russell and Christine have hit a rich seam in connecting businesses in Scotland with powerful, experienced and proud Scots - or people with an affinity for Scotland - based in London. And it is a simple, effective and enjoyable way to build a network in Europe’s capital city.

Presenters are given enough time - ten minutes - but not too much time to go off on one. They are encouraged to speak from the heart without recourse to notes or a presentation. And the community is given the chance to ask questions in a calm, non-threatening way. The people attending the event are unfailingly supportive, and I cannot think of a warmer environment in which to ask for, and receive directly, help in building a business.

At Lingo24, we are scaling up. We’re already at ca £9m of turnover with clients including adidas, Lush and PRNewswire. But our ambition is to go much further, and in particular, to find more accounts which can be significant for us, and offer strategic benefit to our customer and indeed their customers. We’re particularly strong at translating at scale where content is significant - large and growing global product catalogues, for example, as found in B2C and B2B ecommerce, where our use of AI in the professional translation workflow allows for a step change in how much, and how quickly, content can be translated. And we are also strong in marketing and learning, where integrations with key content repositories and close quality control thanks to our translation environment, Coach, really help. After I asked our audience for introductions to specific companies, I was approach by more than five people with offers to help.

A big thanks once more not only to Russell and Christine, but also to Scott and Steve, for making us feel so welcome and  want to give back to the community ourselves in any way we can. Go SBN!

Learn about Lingo24's tech platform here! [video]

or review our evidence on quality [blog post]

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