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Bruce Walker, Founder of WeAreTheFuture

London: It's all about 'scale'.

Over the last three years, I've had the opportunity to work in and collaborate with a number of international entrepreneurial 'eco-systems', from Edinburgh,London, San Francisco, Los Angles, Chicago, New York, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

This has given me some really interesting insight into the Startup and Scaleup culture around the world. Ultimately my verdict is that entrepreneurs are facing more or less the same challenges, regardless of their geography. They all crave very similar support, which is access to role models and advise, capital and talent.

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking at Scottish Business Network, hosted at the Shepherd and Wedderburn offices overlooking St Paul's Cathedral. This event is rather unique, bringing together high profile and successful Scottish business leaders who are based in London. I spoke about the journey of WATFand our upcoming summit in London, which will focus on scaling your startup and positive social business.

The intimate audience of business leaders heard me discuss the launch of our'Impact Summit' which will address the need for Startups to grow and scale, taking lessons from some of the UK's most successful leaders, include Sir Tom Hunter and Julia Groves.

I also shared my personal ambition, which is to see all businesses as 'social' businesses, using their profit for good. We recently teamed up with Virgin Unite, the not-for-profit arm of the Virgin Group and Branson Family, to create theChicago Startup Summit, which focused on People, Planet and Business for Good. The success of the summit in Chicago has led us to invite Emily Turner from Virgin Unite to take part in the London Impact Summit to discuss how 'Good Business is Good for Business'.

It's my belief that companies don't have to be 'social enterprises' or not-for-profits, but rather they can use their success to support their local and global communities.

In the run up to the Impact Summit, I'm asking entrepreneurs and business leaders (including you) to comment on this blog answering, "What are you doing to make positive impact?"

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